Some treasures are best left buried!
The Game


James Watson is on his way to a press conference in halifax when his navigation system dies, causing him to go off road and get into an accident, not far from Oak Island.

While chatting with the locals, James learns about the myth of Oak Island, a recent string of strange tremors, and of an urban legend surrounding an infamous treasure, steeped in mystery and misery, that was buried somewhere deep inside of the island, from a time long forgotten. Recently, a new excavation has begun on the island. The strange "Truro Company" is back ...

A new adventure begins ......


  • classic point and click adventure game
  • 3 playable characters
  • Full HD resolution (16:9)
  • many hours of play time
  • Lots of Puzzles
  • Elaborately animated 3D cutscenes
  • Orchestral soundtrack
    by Luigi-Maria Rapisarda
  • The Mystery of Oak Island
  • Pirates Bay
  • The excavation
  • The hut
  • On the other side
Latest News
  • Dark Mysteries
    Dark Mysteries
    26. April 2024

    In the latest update, we provide insights into exploring the island paths and uncovering their secrets. Additionally, you can watch two new in-game videos.

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  • Fighting demons
    Fighting demons

    In this update, you'll learn how we, as a team, overcame our deepest demons and hoisted the sails together.

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  • The Whisper of Death
    The Whisper of Death

    It has been a while since we last shared an update, and we would like to sincerely apologize for that. In this update from may, we would like to inform you about some personal challenges that have led to delays in the project development. The good news: We are back on track. 

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  • Going for Gold?
    Going for Gold?

    The work on the game has of course progressed further and we were able to achieve a lot. At some points, however, we also had to take a significant step back and reorganize ourselves.

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  • Victims of the Plague
    Victims of the Plague

    Rough water, wind and storm... for weeks. We can be lucky, that our boat is still intact... well, more or less. We are happy that we are attracting more and more great voice actors and supporters of different kind. Let's take a closer look what happened in the area of voice recordings recently.

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  • Signs of Hope
    Signs of Hope

    We hope that you too could see a star of hope on the horizon. That you could celebrate a merry Christmas and contemplative hours with your loved ones. That you have found your very own moment of calm in a time that is overshadowed by worries and crises.

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  • Flooded

    We are still in the process of dubbing the German version of the game and were able to secure the services of many new, popular high-profile speakers and advance the voice recordings. 

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  • Abandoned Places
    Abandoned Places

    Do you know why so many Oak Island treasure hunters have had to stop their efforts over the centuries? The reason in most cases was the depleted financial resources. Many treasure hunters have simply underestimated the technical and personal effort required coupled with the major challenges along the way.

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  • Through the Ashes...
    Through the Ashes...
    12. Oktober 2020

    We have accomplished many recording sessions over the past few months and more than 4,000 lines have already been recorded so far. Unfortunately finding an appointment with the voice actors was not easy due to the Corona situation. Many appointments had to be postponed. But when an appointment was found, we met here in our home recording office, which we briefly presented in the last update. 

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  • Voices from the Dark
    Voices from the Dark
    16. Mai 2020

    For the recording of voices/sound you usually need a recording studio with an optimally insulated sound booth to achieve the desired acoustics as well as expensive equipment – above all various microphones, plop protection and of course professional software for cutting, normalizing and editing the language files. We don’t have access to this specialized level of equipment in our office, so we focused our attention and efforts on how to find a way forward and overcome this problem.

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  • Flying Crows
    Flying Crows
    30. Dezember 2019

    We are working almost continuously on a chapter relating to the region's indigenous people - the Mi’kmaq Indians. We have improved the puzzles again, added closeups as well as particle effects and created countless animations. In addition to the classic movements of our game characters as well as the rivers, lakes, torches and fire pits were reanimated with greater effect. 

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  • The Gathering
    The Gathering
    18. September 2019

    Again some time has passed... and honestly - it seems like time is passing much faster for game developers than for other people. Anyways... many good things happened in the last weeks and months and we definitely have made good progress. 

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  • Ghosts of the Past
    Ghosts of the Past
    1. Mai 2019

    Did you know that the Mystery of Oak Island will provide an extraordinarily high number of thematically different "areas"? For example, the following short sequence from the game plays far in the past...

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  • Fragments of Time
    Fragments of Time
    16. Januar 2019

    Even in our game "the Mystery of Oak Island", the year 2018 was marked by major events and progress. We have created dozens of game sceneries, composed new songs, finished the videos, reworked the engine, re-engined many details of the game and wrote many thousand lines of code. 

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  • Moving a Big Boulder
    Moving a Big Boulder
    4. September 2018

    We were working hard on something "really big". Indeed - a big and heavy boulder was lying in our way and it took us an incredible amount of time and concentration to move this bastard. As soon as we got this thing off the tracks, our head was free to focus on the next update. So, here it is! Finally! :)

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The Mystery of Oak Island
a legendary, true story

The urban legend surrounding Oak Island was founded in 1795, as a lumberjack during excavations discovered a mysterious stone that contained scratched hieroglyphs and indications of a fabulous treasure. An incredible, centuries-long treasure hunt began.
  • 1795
  • 1804
  • 1849
  • 1861
  • 1897
  • 1960
  • 1965
  • 2014
  • 1795 - The discovery

    3 young woodcutters come across a strange depression in the ground. In a tree above the depression, they discovered rotted scraps of rope and a branch with strange notches. So they started digging. Just below the surface they found a weird stone circle. At a depth of three meters, another discovery: a layer of thick oak trunks that were neatly laid and anchored in the side walls of the shaft. But soon afterwards their technical possibilities are exhausted and they give up further research for the time being. They filled up the shaft and decide to return later.
  • 1804 - a mysterious Stone

    In about 1804, a group known as the Onslow Company allegedly sailed from central Nova Scotia to Oak Island to recover what they believed to be hidden treasure. They continued the excavation down to about 90 feet (27 m), with layers of logs found about every ten feet (3.0 m), and also discovered layers of charcoal, putty and coconut fibre along with a large stone inscribed with strange symbols. The diggers then faced a dilemma when the pit flooded with 60 feet (18 m) of water for unknown reasons. The alleged excavation was eventually abandoned after workers attempted to recover the treasure from below by digging a tunnel from a second shaft that also flooded.
  • 1849 - The Flooding

    The last major company of the unpublished era was called The Truro Company, which was allegedly formed in 1849 by investors. The pit was re-excavated back down to the 86-foot (26 m) level, but ended up flooding again. It was then decided to drill five bore holes using a pod-auger into the original shaft. The auger passed through a spruce platform at 98 feet (30 m), then hit layers of oak, something described as "metal in pieces", another spruce layer, and clay for 7 feet (2.1 m). This platform was hit twice each time metal was brought to the surface along with various other items such as wood and coconut fibre.
  • 1861 - the first Dead

    The next major excavation attempt was carried out in 1861 by a company called "The Oak Island Association". The original pit was re-excavated to a depth of 88 feet (27 m), and two more shafts were dug. The first one missed its intended target of an alleged flood tunnel, while the other intersected the original shaft via a branched-off tunnel at around 105 feet (32 m) deep. Both of these shafts were filled with water when an alleged flood tunnel was again breached. 
  • 1897 - more Findings

    In 1896, an unknown group arrived on the island with steam pumps and boring equipment. Although the pumps were unable to keep water out of the flooded side shaft, boring samples were taken. It was claimed that one of the samples brought a tiny piece of sheepskin parchment to the surface. The parchment had two letters, "vi" or "wi", written in India ink. The second accidental death occurred on March 26, 1897, when a worker named Maynard Kaiser fell to his death. In 1898, red paint was poured into the flooded pit by the group, reportedly revealing three exit holes around the island.
  • 1960 - A family tragedy

    Robert Restall, his 18-year-old son, and work partner Karle Graeser, came to Oak Island in 1959 after signing a contract with one of the property owners. In 1965, they tried to seal what was thought to be a storm drain in Smith's Cove and dug a shaft down to 27 feet (8.2 m). On August 17, Restall was overcome by hydrogen sulfide fumes. His son then went down the shaft, and also lost consciousness. Graeser and two others, Cyril Hiltz and Andy DeMont, then attempted to save the two men. A visitor to the site, Edward White, had himself lowered on a rope into the shaft but was able to bring out only DeMont. Restall, his son, Graeser and Hiltz all died.
  • 1965 - the Triton Alliance

    In January 1967, Daniel C. Blankenship, David Tobias, Robert Dunfield, and Fred Nolan formed a syndicate for exploration on Oak Island. Two years later, Blankenship and Tobias formed Triton Alliance after purchasing most of the island. Several former landowners, including Mel Chappell, became shareholders in Triton. Triton workers excavated a 235 feet (72 m) shaft, known as Borehole 10-X and supported by a steel caisson to bedrock, in 1971. In 1983, Triton Alliance sued Frederick Nolan over the ownership of seven lots on the island and its causeway access. Two years later, Nolan's ownership of the lots was confirmed, but he was ordered to pay damages for interfering with Triton's tourist business. On appeal, Triton lost again in 1989 and Nolan's damages were reduced. During the 1990s, further exploration stalled because of legal battles between the Triton partners and a lack of financing. 
  • 2014 - 2021

    In January 2014, the History Channel began airing a reality TV show called The Curse of Oak Island about a group of modern treasure hunters. These hunters include brothers Rick and Marty Lagina of the "Michigan Group". The series has documented finds such as centuries-old coins, an antique brooch, and a lead cross that was allegedly made between 1200 and 1600 A.D.
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  • Get the game as a digital download, DRM free on PC, Mac or Linux (+ Steam key),
  • including the awesome orchestral soundtrack,
  • several digital add-ons (posters, T-shirt files and 3 great wallpapers)
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